Bonita Havanese

The perfect companion dogs.

The Havanese: A Star Breed in the Toy Group

At Bonita Havanese we breed and raise pure Havanese dogs in the Hudson Valley of New York State. This AKC-recognized breed is the perfect little companion dog, with a huge heart and personality in an adorable, silky little package. Named for Havana Cuba, where they originated, this is a historic breed, long favored by royalty (including Queen Victoria), for their sweet temprerment, intelligence, and compact, silken-coated beauty.

Nose to tail, Bonita Havanese dogs are friendly, kind, loyal, and full of love and energy. They’re highly trainable, ever affectionate, and make great family pets. Can’t get outside to exercise them? They’re just as happy lounging on the couch, so long as they’re with the family they love! Our Havanese puppies have found forever homes across the Hudson Valley, from Albany to New York City and Long Island, and in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Animal Planet Too Cute Puppy
We are proud to have been the breeder chosen by Animal Planet to represent the Havanese Breed on their series “Too Cute Puppies”. They filmed a beautiful litter from LooLoo and Oscar from just a few days old until they were ready to leave for their homes.