Don’t hesitate to contact us: We’re always a text/ email / phone call away, should you have any questions about your Bonita Havanese pup. Feel free to reach out! We are always here to support you after your puppy goes home, be it with a pup’s crying in the middle of the night, how to set up a good feeding schedule, crate training, or house training.

And when you commit to buying one of our puppies, we will provide you with a suggested list of supplies to get you started so you can be prepared for when puppy arrives. Please ask any questions and we’ll happily answer them.

We also suggest you get either of these books: My Good Puppy, or Good Owner, Great Dog, both by Brian Kilcommons. They’re both very practical training guides with hints and tricks to curb negative behavior, and helpful explanations on why pups do what they do, and what to expect from them.

We can cover the basics (starting on housetraining) and get you on the right path with your puppy. The most important thing is for you to understanding your puppy: puppyhood is short (dogs are not considered fully mature until 16 months), and it’s such a special time for you and your pup to bond. What they need most is love and approval — and in return, they’ll thank you at every possible moment with lots of love and attention!

For advanced training, as they get older, you may want to consult with a professional trainer. But for now, during puppyhood, if you get frustrated, just look in their eyes. Know that they are trying their best, they’re just — puppies! Havanese always want to please you and as new pups in your home, they’re counting on your to show them what you expect and how to behave. They would much rather do something that earns them a treat or a pat than get in trouble.

Breeding/Showing/Stud Service

If your interest is in breeding or showing your puppy, this must be discussed prior and negotiated with a separate breeding or show contract. We do not support backyard breeding.

Stud Service is available and it depends on the dog. We can provide one of our males for stud service however we must see a full AKC pedigree on your female and we will make a judgment accordingly as to the ideal time.


We offer boarding, though it’s contingent on whether or not we have a litter due or just born.

  • $50 a day (small dogs) under 25 pounds
  • $65 a day (medium dogs) under 60 pounds
  • $75 a day (large dogs) over 60 pounds

Food is to be supplied by owners. All vaccinations must be up to date. Contact us for more details.

Puppy Training

You can get your pup started even before you have it by setting up pre-training in our home. This is basically puppy socialization and desensitization, which is ideal for their very young brains.

What’s covered:

  • Absences (when there’s an empty house)
  • Feeding
  • Separation (we get your puppy used to being separated from its littermates, by itself, and get it used to being alone and being content)

This greatly helps alleviate some of the anxiety every puppy goes through when making its transition into your home. 

Fee: $500 for 5 days before the pup goes to your home.