How to Pick the Perfect Puppy

white-havaneseHOW DO YOU KNOW if a dog is right for you? There are a whole lot of fun tools online to help you pick the right breed. On Animal Planet, there’s a dog breed selector tool, where you can answers multiple choice questions on everything from trainability to lifestyle (including “couch potato”). The AKC has a dog breed “find a match” feature that uses adorable graphics, including a very clever image of a vacuum cleaner on a hairy floor. The AKC site allows you to second guess them, too, and see how you’d fare with the breed of your dreams, so long as you can log in on Facebook. There’s also and a whole bunch more.

But what really makes a dog the perfect pooch for you isn’t necessarily going to come in the form of a bubble to fill out. Even within the usual qualities of a breed you’ll find lots of variations, because dogs are as individual as we are.

Havanese in general are known to be outgoing, clever, playful, intelligent, and active. Also: funny. How can a dog be funny? These little charmers have a serious sense of humor. The combination of curiosity, smarts and a seriously social streak also mean they love to get your attention.

Take a look at the fun Havanese Dogs 101 video by Animal Planet, and my own personal favorite, Animal Planet’s Too Cute, starring our own adorable Bonita Havanese puppies — starring our own lovely Lulu and her litter!

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 7.19.43 PMBut don’t take my word for it. The best thing you can do is talk to the breeder. Even better, come visit the puppies yourself when they’re old enough to be exposed to outsiders. Sit down on the floor and have some fun! One of those puppies is going to come over for a visit, and connect with you.

It might be a sweetie, a clown, or a charmer. A boy or a girl. There’s often a special moment when you feel that connection with that one puppy. I see it all the time, and it always makes me smile. I guarantee it: you’ll be in love. And that’s probably the perfect dog for you.