About Bonita Havanese

Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley just 2 hours north of New York City, Bonita Havanese offers five acres and a big, loving home for our dogs to romp and roam in, with plenty of interaction with people, kids and other pets. We’ve been involved with this wonderful breed since 1996, breeding carefully for quality, not quantity. Our former kennel name was Blossom Havanese, and as Blossom, we were honored when Animal Planet’s Too Cute Puppies chose us to represent the Havanese dog! Our top parents Oscar and Lulu had a blast showing off their adorable litter of puppies for the crew and their television cameras, and an entire viewing audience fell in love.

We breed a select few litters a year, carefully matching parents for the ideal pups to the AKC standard. Our Havanese puppies go to homes all over the country, from celebrities to families, in the Northeast and beyond. We annually CERF test our adults over the age of 2, with the exception of females in heat or pregnant females. This is the most important test, we feel, for the Havanese breed.  

We help our clients with every step, from selecting the perfect pup to adjusting to a new family member, from health and vet questions to training and play. We health test all of our dogs and provide only the best nutrition and care. All owners must sign a puppy contract, and agree that your Bonita Havanese dog will live indoors, with you, and never outdoors.

We’ve been involved in the dog world for decades. But once we met the Havanese, in was love at first sight. We’ve dedicated ourselves to this wonderful dog ever since.

From our champion show dogs to our pets to our retirees, all are incredibly special and dear to our hearts.