About the Havanese Dog

Nose to tail, a Bonita Havanese is the perfect little companion. They’re a toy dog package of brains and beauty with outsized personalities, every one. And they’re incredibly easy to care for. They can nap on your lap all day or run an agility course and win. They’ll just as happily cuddle in bed as play a rousing game of fetch. They’re great with kids, travel well, can play couch potato or hiking buddy, city slicker or country ragmop.

Our Havanese dogs tend to love people, and form close bonds with their owners. That makes them very trainable, as they’re eager to please. Havanese dogs have competed in obedience classes, agility, and more. They may be toy dogs, but they have outsized personalities and tons of canine smarts. They also have silken, non-shedding coats, so they’re great for dog lovers concerned about allergies. They’re easy to care for, with good nutrition and regular but simple grooming. And they come in luscious colors, with melting, expressive eyes.

AKC Breed Standard


AKC Havanese Information